Law of Mentalism

The Kybalion:

“All is Mind”

The ALL is the substantial reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which are recognized by the terms ‘The Mental Universe’, ‘Phenomena of Life’, ‘Matter’, ‘Energy’. All that is apparent to our material senses is spirit, which in of itself is unknowable and ineffable, but which can be considered and framed as the universal infinite, living mind.

The phenomenal world is a mental creation, a product of mind manifest into physical reality. The mental nature of the universe is shaped and fashioned by our internality as we individually and collectively project our inward content outward into the material world.

What does this mean?

We are the generators of our own reality. We manifest what we think, and what we believe of ourselves, we become.

Thoughts are things.

All is vibration of various degree. Cognitive, subjective content becomes objective, material reality. First appearing in the mind as a thought, a conceptual object, when applied to corresponding wave vibration of the material realm, becomes material itself. Belief in the desire and objective of self and the abilities to manifest holds the power of action and conjuring into existence.





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