Funny things we does.


The following statements are purely my interpretation of the ineffable qualities of that which cannot be named and should not be taken as eternal, irreversible effigies of existence in its various vibrational degrees.This is an essay I wrote for the Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft class.

Religion contains within the practice mental constructs, paradigms that influence and enable actors of its particular adherence to travel and create through the physical realms of what some may term, ‘reality’. Every thought and action holds specific degrees of cause and effect. Deep consciousness, what Carl Jung (1916) names, “The Collective Unconscious” refers to structures of the unconscious mind, which are shared among beings. This informs and forms in one’s mind a set of moral, ethical code of behavior and self-cognizant phenomena that is externalized through the actions of the beholder. Specific religious paradigms tethered to these paragons of polarity, ‘right and wrong, ‘ good and bad’ are central and inform an individual of their justifications for their actions, motives, and effect on what is perceived as ‘externality’. There is no thing in the universe that does not effect and relate to another, for to think so is false and a self-deceit mechanism of regular sensory phenomenal observation. For these constructs are merely products of mind, mental manifestations and not one among us can confess its ultimate, universal, elementary finality.

The “McDonaldization of the world” is merely the amalgam of various mental vibrational constructs solidifying as a projection on the material, energetic realm. As independent agents inseparable from the fabric of space, time, and the flow of universal evolutionary energy vibrations, we play with these constructs and a resulting drama of human will and desire unfold as a reflection of the nature of ALL. Anthropology is a great inauguration into human behavior but is constricted and insufficient in achieving and accurate portrait of the human dynamic as it relates to the stuff of galaxies, suns, light-wave particles, and electrons. Even as I attempt to describe it now, words, phonetic vibrations symbolic of phenomenal particulates, are mere shadows of the true and false design of nature. Western, Non-western, good, bad, right, wrong, are all the same to me, just varied degrees of polarity. I recognize that this essay is to gauge my immediate interpretation of and ’understanding’ of the ‘material’ you present to us in order to appropriately assign classification and rank to my cognitive ability, for you hold a responsibility to the empires of academia, which in and of its self are mere products of the aforementioned constructs of mind. However, to pacify this requirement I will comment on the irony of these words I assume were written by the anthropologist William F. Lewis (1993) and spoken by Jamaican Rastafarian, ‘Lion’, “Jamaican people cannot see the truth. They have eyes, hands, feet, but don’t use them properly for justice or love”(379), while previously in the article the same speaker was selling cigarettes, soda, and beer. This to me is the comedy of human nature, not aware of its own game, as I am surely unaware of my own. This is paramount to my thesis that even the most devout of us are subject to the whims of our own creative demise. 4b2af7fe91baf0e8bb070e2e3b747031


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